Lower Lake’s Dam Restoration, Part 6, 2013

November 9th Progress on the Dam Restoration

Bright and early, Kodiak was on-site to begin the removal of the original vertical spillway pipe.


Temporary Lake Spillway Installed

Kodiak is about to install the temporary spillway.  With the many springs that feed the lower lake from the ravines on either end of the lake bringing in a constant inflow of water, the lake would fill even if there were no rain.  Now that Kodiak's next step is the removal and filling of the existing spillway, this temporary spillway, the aqua colored pipes that are on the bank of the dam, will be placed at the current level of the lake.   This will allow the lake to continue to drain when this area is built up with fresh clay.


The temporary spillway is in place under the watchful eye of Medina County Engineers Inspector, Metz, in the fluorescent green jacket.  Later the temporary spillway will be plugged.


With the temporary spillway pipe in place, this area of the dam can now be filled in.  It has already been de-mucked by Kodiak.


This photo taken from the Lot 10 lakeshore opposite the old spillway location shows the old spillway rapidly being filled in with trucked-in clay.  Kodiak compacts the clay as it is being spread on the dam.


The original spillway is covered.  Note the small aqua dot where the end of the temporary spillway is at the water's edge.


This November 9th photo shows the rest of the dam filled in with fresh clay and compacted as the clay is brought in.


This panorama from the afternoon of November 9th shows the progress on the dam.


The last clay load of the day arrives.


Kodiak blended the last load of clay into the dam.

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