Lot 13

Lot 13's Approved Home Location Marked

Lot 13 home location

Lot 13's home site is large enough for a home that is 90 foot wide by 55 foot deep. The Lot 13 site is on a large level area along the southeast shore of the 2-1/2-Acre lake behind the towering hardwoods and white pines. The front of the home will face West River Road about 400 feet to the southeast and the rear will face the 2-1/2-Acre lake. To the west, across the bridge there is plenty of room to construct a playhouse for the children or a gazebo to relax in the cool evening breezes from across the lake. Deer and wild turkey and Canada geese will be frequent visitors. The minimum home size is deed restricted to 2500 square feet, but ther is no maximum.

Water, gas, electric, TV, telephone and cable are available from Grafton Road. A septic system is required by Medina County, the location of which will be determine by the Medina County Health Department during the permit process.

The home style is your personal choice, also your responsibility to build.

(8)-Lot 13 HS-Fm-N-1

View of the Lot 13 Home Site from Lot 11, across the Upper Lake

(1)-Pan-Lot 13 HS-To-SW-1

Lot 13's View to the Southwest

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