Lot 10 Electricity Undergrounded, 2009

Electric Transformer/Switch box

Prior to the undergrounding of the electric conduit to carry service to the transformer/switch box for Lots 10 and 11, I had contacted Mr. William Schuester of Ohio Edison/First Energy Corp. regarding moving the electric service from its original supply path across the lower lake, up the hill to a utility pole in the east corner of Lot 10, then on to the home.  The new path would involve undergrounding the service utilizing an existing transformer/switch box already in place on the common drive south turnaround area, then the undergrounding across the dam to the upper lake to a second transformer/switch box that would be serviced by a directionally bored conduit, to be bored by Precision Directional Boring.  Following the undergrounding of the electric conduit to carry the service wire for electricity to Lots 10 and 11 by Precision Directional Boring, I had contacted Ron Pfaff Electric, Inc., regarding their performing the switch over of the service from the pole to underground.

Below is the area for the north transformer/switch box which shows how Precision left the area with the base for the transformer/switch box installed and leveled.


Ohio Edison/First Energy Corp. installed the electric transformer/switch box and pulled the service wire into the box from the south transformer/switch box.


Ohio Edison/First Energy installer connecting the wires to the terminals in the transformer/switch box panel.


Connecting to the Lot 10 Home

While the Ohio Edison/First Energy installers were making their connections, Ron Pfaff of Ron Pfaff Electric worked on connecting the wires from the transformer/switch box to the Lot 10 home.


Disconnecting from the Utility Pole

Next, Ohio Edison/First Energy drove their bucket truck over to the utility pole to disconnect the incoming service from the line that had been stretched over the lower lake, up the hill, through the trees to the pole.  This change in pathway should greatly improve the quality of electric service, especially during wind storms.  Once they had disconnected from this pole and completed the connections on the new pathway, the service would be switched over.


With the work on the north transformer/switch box completed regarding the service being brought into the box, I began to plant junipers, ornamental grasses and other shrubs to create a living camouflage of the box.


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