Lower Lake’s Dam Restoration, Part 8, 2013

Inspection of the Emergency Spillway November 18, 2013

Medina County Engineers Inspector Metz stands in the emergency spillway for his inspection.


This is a close up of the emergency spillway on which the rest of the work for the installation will be done.


This photo is of the hooded inlet spillway pipe and its relationship to the emergency spillway.


This photo is of the hooded inlet spillway pipe and its relationship to the rock-covered dam.


This is a close up of the hooded inlet spillway pipe.  Following the inspection of the spillway pipe installation by Inspector Metz.  the fabric and rock are back in place.


The view of the hooded inlet spillway pipe from the Lot 10 home.  It can easily be monitored from the home's picture window in case limbs float to the pipe's opening to plug it.


Installation of the Spillway Fabric on the Emergency Spillway

This specialized fabric was required by the Medina County Engineers for the emergency spillway.  The installation requirements also were very specific and specialized.  Tom Hricovec and his helper, Tom begin the installation of one of two sections of fabric that will be the basis of the emergency spillway. 


The two Toms anchor the sides of the fabric to hold them in place.  Following the installation, the fabric will be covered with topsoil, planted with grass seed, the roots of which will be able to grow through the mesh of the fabric to form a firm mat of sod.


Kodiak compressed the side anchor of the south section of the fabric.


At my request, the leading edge of the emergency spillway fabric was anchored with the #1 and #2 limestone.  Both sections are placed.


Tom Hricovec anchored the north edge of the fabric while the helper, Tom, anchors the centers of the two fabric sections.


The second fabric was cut at West River Road.


Kodiak brought in a load of gravel fines to anchor the roadside sections of the fabric and to restore the material that had originally been installed in the roadside swale by Liverpool Township.


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