Lower Lake’s Dam Restoration, November 19, 2013-14

Plugging the Old Spillway Pipe, November 19, 2013

Now that the new spillway pipe and emergency spillway were in place and inspected, it was time to remove the temporary spillway pipe  and compact the clay where the pipe had been installed.


It was time for the old spillway to be plugged with cement under the watchful eye of Medina County Engineers Inspector Metz.  The cement truck was in place with the cement to plug the old spillway.


Kodiak had dug down through the dam until they reached the original spillway pipe.  They had already plugged the temporary spillway aqua-colored pipe that they had installed a few days earlier.


The cement was carried by the backhoe bucketful until Inspector Metz was satisfied that the old spillway pipe was completely plugged.  Then Kodiak backfilled the trench and compacted the clay once again.


Finishing Touches, the Restoration of the edge of West River Road from Truck Damage, 2013

This is the condition of West River Road edge near where the trucks had exited the project.


Tom Hricovec cut the broken area to square the edges prior to filling with fresh asphalt.


The square-cut section of West River Road is cleaned and ready for the fresh asphalt.


The repairs to West River Road are made by Tom Hricovec and his helper, Tom.


April 18, 2014, the Lake is Filled with Water to the Spillway Level

The  restored dam has functioned well.  The water had risen above the spillway pipe, but with the  increased distance above the spillway to allow the water level to expand, the water remained well contained until the spillway pipe could allow the water to flow into the culvert system to the river.


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