There is no style dictated for the homes built in Lakeview Rural Reservation.  
Your personal tastes will dictate your design choices. You may already have a dream home in mind and have the blueprints ready to execute on the perfect lot for them. Wonderful! But just in case you would like some help with design ideas, here are some homes that have already been built, utilizing designs created by Scholz Home Designs, Inc., would be happy to help you personalize one of the Scholz existing designs for the lot of your choice, OR help you plan a new home of entirely YOUR choice. Below are some of the already-built Scholz homes to encourage your creative juices. To see how these homes might look on each lot, click on the link for each lot shown below to see them pasted on the lot.

(1a)SL6,08,Villanova,From N,cont

There are 21 ideas to look through. This lot can accommodate a home 80 foot x 55 foot and these home ideas could fit the site. The rear and sides of the home have views of the serpentine lake, while the front is showcased to Grafton Road travelers by mature trees.

(1b)SL11,06,ChesapeakeNJ H S From SE,cont

There are 22 ideas to look through. This lot has 150 foot x 500 foot available for a home/estate site so you have a wide range of home sizes to consider, plus any additional structures to enhance your lifestyle. Remember that though this home is the most private, the rear of the home will be displayed to Grafton Road and the front to West River Road. You will have views of lakes to the south, southeast and east as well as to the north.

(4c)SL12,07,Renaissance,From N,cont-re-do032411

There are 11 ideas to look through. This lot can accommodate an "L"-shaped home 70 foot x 40 foot. This lot is perfect for a walk-out basement giving you and extra floor of your home to enjoy daily. Your views to the northeast will be the lower lake; to the north, the nature preserve in the ravine; to the west, the upper lake provides a changing panorama; and to the southwest and south a broad expanse of tree-dotted lawn.

(1a)SL13,08,BallentraePA,HS From E,cont

There are 22 ideas to look through. This lot can accommodate a home 90 foot x 55 foot so these home ideas could fit. Your views to the east will be a broad expanse of lawn, then, 300+ feet away, West River Road. To the west will be the bridge to your own private woods. To the north and northwest will be the upper lake with towering oaks, maples and pines to serve as a backdrop and picture frame for your home.

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